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Lions Club of Yarra

District 201V5, Victoria, Australia

Executive Members

Club President

Mr Mark Murphy ('Mark') is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Lions Club of Yarra Incorporated; a member club of Lions Clubs International (LCI) having been chartered on 16 April 1999.

Mark is also an appointed Director of Lions Recycle for Sight Australia Incorporated since 2004.

Since his induction into Lions in October 2000, Mark has held many offices within the association, including President (4), Secretary (5), Treasurer (2), District Chair (3), Zone Chair (2), National Committee Member (6) and International Program Directorships (1).

Mark’s 17 years of service and membership with Lions holds a significant part of his 27-year civic service experience that has enabled him to build an extensive, distinguished and successful background in many communities and at multiple levels of the Lions organisation.

Mark has led the effect of many improvements to the management of the Lions Club of Yarra and its projects throughout his affiliation. More broadly throughout his membership, Mark has:

  • met with members of the Australian and Victorian parliaments on behalf of Lions Australia;
  • secured the largest club-corporate sponsorship agreement in Australian Lions history;
  • made submission to the Australian Parliament House of Representatives Committee regarding an inquiry into Civics and Electoral education on behalf of Lions Australia; and
  • leads local community projects that engage communities and, to date, raised tens of thousands of dollars in funds that have been injected back into various local and global humanitarian needs.

In recognition of his service to the association, Mark has received awards, including the International President's International Leadership Medal, a James D. Richardson Honour Award, District Chairman's Award, Zone Chairman's Award, Club President Award, 100% Secretary's Award, 100% Treasurers Award, President's Appreciation Award and Membership Key Awards.