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Lions Club of Yarra

District 201V5, Victoria, Australia

Fact Sheet 4 - Youth Activities

If the country's future is in its youth, then Australia's Lions Clubs are making an investment in that future.

Lions-Quest Programs

The Lions-Quest living skills programs are arguably the world's best. Lions have trained over 5,000 Australian teachers. Each year 250,000 students, from kindergarten to senior years, receive the benefit of healthy and responsible lifestyle education.

Drug Awareness

ALDAF - the Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation - produces videos, books, leaflets and other educational material and is recognised as an active and effective participant in the drug education field.

Youth of the Year Quest

For more than 30 years the Lions Youth of the Year Quest has encouraged student interest in leadership and the qualities in leadership and the qualities required for active and constructive participation the community.

Leo Clubs

An international youth group under the auspices of Lions, Leo clubs give young people leadership, experience, opportunity and fellowship through involvement in community service.

Youth Exchange

Young Australians are given the opportunity to experience family life and the culture of other countries, and reciprocate by hosting youth from overseas.

Youth Camp

Lions youth camps are conducted across Australia. Specialised camps, such as those for children and teenagers with Diabetes, are a regular part of the program. We hosted a major international camp for teenagers with Diabetes in 1996.

And more...

Lions arrange beach holidays for country children, take bus-loads of disadvantaged children for holidays at the Lions Licola Village, provide scholarships and employment assistance schemes, host the Lions Children of Courage awards, produce Identikit cards, and lots more.


In times of crisis Lions Club can respond quickly. Victims of floods and cyclones, of earthquakes, fires and drought have been helped by Lions relief efforts.


Lions parks are seen around Australia – they were the first facilities provided in many country towns. Today Lions are active in clean-up campaigns, tree planting, land reclamation and many other environmental activities.


Every dollar raised by Lions Clubs goes directly to help the community. Ongoing funds are provided by the sale of Lion Mints and Lions Christmas cakes, supplemented by a range of fundraising activities as wide as the imagination of the members.